Good morning, The weekend is over, love Hillbilly.

I know Monday mornings typically suck, but this morning was a little ridiculous. Let me back up, by saying how AWESOME the weekend was.
Friday the shop was busy. Our first lunch of the day was a 35 person order, and it kept going from there. We had a brief lull, then picked up again when the music started. We hung out after for a few hours, then turned in kind of early. Woke up feeling great, and had a typical Saturday. Which is, pretty dang busy.
However we got off work at 12pm, and decided to hit Fountain Square and try out a new Thai place, called Siam Square. I am a huge fan of thai food, and was more than a little upset when our neighborhood thai place went kind of.. south. 20+ critical health violations, and a few upset stomachs after eating there… we just quit going.
Siam Square however, was bright and clean when we walked in. Kind of small, and a little bit noisy, we got a table really close to the front door. I was all geared up to have some purple Taro ice cream, and fried bananas. Touretta and Rusty met us for lunch, with Touretta and I both having the mixed vegetable stir fry, medium spice. Dan got his staple thai dish, Pad Thai, to see how it compared with other places he’s been. I forget what Rusty ordered.
The food was sooo good. The medium spice is a little bit more of a mild spice for me, and I think next time I will go hot. I was also so full from my meal, that I couldn’t even think about purple Taro ice cream and fried bananas. Which really bummed me out. It was our whole reason for going!
I decided that the money I saved by not ordering ice cream would best be served by walking 4 doors down to Mass Ave Knit Shop for a little yarn browsing. Walked around to the entrance at the back of the building and… closed! Until Jan. 9th! Argh!
It’s all for the best though, as I am technically not supposed to be buying any yarn unless it’s for a commissioned project.
Sunday, after work was great, since, as I previously posted, involved better working skates and a much better practice.
We spent the rest of our evening watching the movie Blindness (I would write a review, but it would just be a blank blog since NOTHING HAPPENED in that movie), while I knit a scarf and Dill crafted more scrabble tiles. (I’ll post pics later, he just did a really, really cool batch)
Off to bed! It was clean sheet night, and we left the door open so the kitties could come in for a cuddle if they wanted.
Mmmm. Sleep. I love sleep so much.
Imagine if you will, sleeping, a nice, hard sleep. Nice dreams, drifting, and all of a sudden you hear a yell, and realize you’re soaking wet!
My head was spinning, and I kept thinking, “am I drunk still? Where the past 2 weeks just a dream? Did I drink so hard I slipped into a coma and peed myself? And if so, why is it on my face and hair?” (disclaimer, I have never, ever, drank so hard I wet the bed… yet)
It took me a couple seconds to realize that the glass of water I had next to the bed was now ON the bed, and Hillbilly the cat’s butt was whisking away out the door.
Damn. I forgot to use the sippy cup.
See, Hillbilly is a “special” cat. He came into my life, as a part of Dill. He started out as this nice sweet little kitten, when due to some unfortunate circumstances, had another owner besides Dan for a few weeks. When Dan next saw him after the separation, he took him back and kept him. Because Hillbilly was now a changed kitty. He had apparently been kicked in the head, not eaten for almost a week, and tormented by feral cats. The sweet little kitty now would start howling and screeching for no reason, while rubbing his head on the floor or batting at it with his paw, etc. It took Dan years to get Hillbilly to a somewhat normal state. Throw in the fact that he’s now a diabetic that we have to give insulin shots to twice a day… good times people.
Anyway, one of Hillbilly’s favorite pastimes is to knock cups over. We can catch him when we’re eating, or if he tries to snag one off the kitchen counter. At bed time, if one of us has a glass of water, we use a sippy cup, or a sports bottle. He’ll knock it over sure, but without damaging anything.
Unfortunately, last night I forgot to use the bottle, and instead, used an open glass for my water. Hillbilly waited until about 3:00 a.m. (isn’t there some witching hour thing about 3am?) and knocked the glass of water onto my head! By the time I woke up enough to realize what had happened, he was hightailing it out of the bedroom. Dill woke up a bit and helped me throw some towels down. I dried my hair, and squeezed onto the dry side of the bed with Dill to snag another 30 minutes of sleep before we had to get up for work.
I woke up to Hillbilly sleeping on my chest, content, purring, and kneading away.

I’m going to wait and catch him asleep, then dunk water on him.