So everyone knows I like books by Melissa Marr. Previously, she’s only released YA books, and Graveminder is her first adult fiction. And let me sidetrack with a little rant here. I read YA fiction. Not all the time, but just because a book is labeled YA does not mean it isn’t GOOD for adults as well! Her novel, Wicked Lovely was an awesome book! I adored it! Sucked me right in, and she managed to continue the story in future books while still branching out to other characters.
So I was very excited to get her new book, Graveminder, when it came out. I downloaded it onto my Kindle (as previously discussed in other blog posts, I read on my kindle so I can knit and read at the same time. If the book is really good, I still end up buying a hard copy for the bookshelf)
For me, this book took a little longer to get sucked into than Wicked Lovely. It kind started with a bang, then slowed down, then REALLY picked back up again. I imagine it’s going to be called a zombie book, but it’s not really. Her “hungry dead” are a lot more than zombies. They think, albeit not always with clarity. Lots of the strange, supernatural meets world we live in stuff.
Anyway, totally recommend it. It probably goes without saying that I’m going to buy a hard copy for the bookshelf! Also I am very aware that I promised a horse hair post. But I got distracted by finishing this book last night. So I promise, next post, all mini horse hair, all the time!