Great Brawls of Fire!

We were very luck to have St. Louis, ranked #20 in the nation, come out and play Naptown last Saturday. The Arch Rival Roller Girls were a great team to play (even if one of them did call me a fat bitch.. bwahaha) we had a lot of fun on and off the track. Another quick edit- I should have stressed that the above comment was made on the track, not off. For those of you that don’t play derby, we girls talk a lot of smack out there. It’s not meant to be harmful or hurtful, it’s just verbal crap that comes out of our mouths when we’re pissed off and skating. I wasn’t offended by it, and I don’t want anyone else to be offended on my behalf! I really did laugh it off the next day! I just pray, that someday, when derby goes pro, they do not mic skaters because.. damn. FCC would be all over us!
The game started out rough for us. Our first jammer was send to the box, our second jammer didn’t get through, then I go out to block for our team… and our THIRD jammer gets sent to the box! But so does Arch Rivals! We were down 10 points, and I just remember Sweet C yelling at me, “Do you mind? Can you take it?” It took me a couple seconds to comprehend.. crap! Jammerless jam! I needed to be the jammer. By the time I grabbed the helmet panty and headed to the jammer line, all but one of our blockers had been sent to the box. So it was me, vs. a full pack of Arch Rival girls, with one damn blocker to help me out.
Dear… sweet… jesus.
I have no idea what happened. I remember skating my ass off, jumping over a girls leg one time to avoid cutting the track, the whistles going off, and realizing that I had scored, and the other jammer had not. I have no idea how many points I got, I think 9 or 10, but I have to see the video to know. All I know is I got the first points put on the board for Naptown! Yay me!
The rest of the first half was very tight. We would get 4, they would get 4. There was only a 3 or 4 point difference, until the final jam when they got 10 points ahead of us.
The first half of the game was pretty clean. the only thing that was really driving me crazy was that Arch Rival seemed to be pretty handsy. As in, there are hands on my back, that do not belong to my team mate, guiding me off the inside line. When I’m in game mode, that sort of thing drives me bonkers, as it should!
Their announcer was also really good. He kept great stats of every skater, and used that on the mic. Considering some of the NIGHTMARES we’ve had with “guest announcers” in the past (doing tequila shots, screaming and cheering for their team on the mic, being just overall… horrible!), it was nice to have one that was actually really good on the mic. EDIT- Just to clarify, not EVERY guest announcer has been horrible. (D’nouncer Duane and the great sock saga is still my fave announcer memory) just… some of them have been less then stellar, and some of them have rocked.
Second half was a lot rougher. The reffing situation started to get kind of…weird. Cutting the track wasn’t getting called, elbows weren’t getting called… it turned into a very weird vibe out there. We started falling behind, and unfortunately did not recover. It was a hard loss, but in ways, a lot easier loss than we had against Steel City. Namely because we went out there and felt like a team again. We played well, despite some setbacks, and while we didn’t come out on top, we didn’t get outsmarted this time. Both teams were adapting, learning the other teams plays… it was an exciting team to bout. I can’t wait to watch the video from this one. It’ll be interesting to see if some of the things I remember happening got caught on tape.

After party was great of course. Both teams danced together, drank together, and had fun. It’s always nice when a team can leave it on the track. I look forward to playing those girls again.
I’ll post some pics tonight or tomorrow. I’ve got a ton of knitting stuff to catch up on. We’ve also got three bouts in a row coming up! Our Belles in Evansville, us against Greene County at home, then Sirens away to Dixie for a rematch!