Harry Potter Christmas Sweater!

My friend Elyse works in publishing and has done many wonderful things for me over the years. Got us backstage for the Paper Towns tour, 

gives me books and books recommendations, and is an all around blast to hang out with.
Since she’s a Harry Potter fan, and devoted Hufflepuff, I decided to make her a house sweater for Christmas! 
But… I decided to see if I couldn’t make it just a little bit more magical. 
So I included an acceptance letter, dated the year she would have been accepted, with a PS stating that they were attempting to send the letter by american muggle post. (Hope it arrives on time!)
Sealed it:

Sent it: 

And yesterday she got it! 
Hopefully it fits. Making a sweater for someone when they aren’t around to size is nerve wracking! 

Edit: it fits!