Hey curvy knitters!

I’m currently working on a new project and have some questions for you curvy and/or plus sized knitters! One complaint I heard about Knits for Nerds was that there weren’t enough patterns that were made for plus sizes. Acknowledged. I am NOT a plus size designer, and I didn’t want to just add larger sizes without considering shaping! However, I don’t want to leave any knitters out in the cold, so I’ll be hiring someone to help me work in some plus size patterns for the next project. That being said:

If you’re graced with a little more up top, which sort of neck do you prefer? Scoop? Square? V-Neck, or ????

Skirts! Yes? No? Go screw yourself Dark! Knitting skirts is the devils work?

What frustrates you the most about patterns that are plus size? What do you hate/love about a plus size design?

Leave your comments below!