How could I forget to post this?

With all the craziness the past few weeks, I completely forgot to post about the Belles bout in Evansville! It was actually, the Belles plus 2 Tornado Sirens in Evansville. Originally our Belles were going to play the Evansville B-Team, but due to some complications, they asked our girls if they could have some A team girls on their team, and we would be allowed to sub two A team girls on our team as well! After one thing and another, line up changes, etc, it ended up being our Belles, 2 Sirens, against the Evansville A team! I was so nervous for them. The Belles very first bout was against Evansville in a Tournament, and the girls went down pretty badly. So this little rematch was going to be interesting!
Adding to the mix, and I can’t believe I forgot this when I was posting about our weird shit week, the Evansville sound guy, Warren Iraq passed away suddenly. He was only 41, and seriously dating one of the girls on their team. I don’t know the details, but I believe his death was somehow tied in to high blood pressure. So these poor girls went to his funeral, then played a game that night! They said calling off the game was not an option, because Warren would never have wanted that.
Dill said it was totally surreal to not look over and see him there, since he’s been there from the very first game. The Demolition City girls did a memorial, and then did the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard of. They claimed Warren would have hated a moment of silence, so instead they asked the crowd to do a moment of noise! All those fans, teams, NSO’s screamed their head off for a full minute. That’s how derby does a memorial people!
I was getting updates via Twitter, and was having major anxiety for our girls. I shouldn’t have worried. They proved how very far they have come this season by knocking back a solid win. I can’t be more proud of how hard our Belles have been training this year.
And of course, this means that Demo City will probably want a rematch 😉 I wanna see them in our house next time!