How do they do this???

I want them all!

String Dolls

So once again, 7″ of snow predicted, and once again, we get maybe an inch. Why do I watch the news at all? Those poor guys, they just can’t get a break with the weather this year! EDIT: We ended up getting lots of snow that night. So they were right, just a few hours off.

I cast on for the Hermione bobble hat from Charmed Knits last night. I’m stuck my sock, and didn’t feel like dealing with figuring out where I messed up. So I’m stepping back for a second from them.

Annnddd… this weekend is daylight savings. I effing HATE daylight savings. With a passion. When you are as sleep deprived as I am you learn to really hate anything that messes with your sleep schedule. Plus, Indiana is so dumb about it. For instance, Dan drove to Evansville IN a couple weeks ago, and they were on a different time zone then us! How the hell is someone supposed to predict that a city in the same state will be on a different time zone? Stupid.

I might be dragging Dan to the apple store Saturday. We can’t afford a Mac, but really, my laptop is dying a very quick death, and I refuse to buy anything with Vista. Plus, I showed Dan garage band on the mac. He fell a little in love I think. Not to mention the fact that I have put up with PC’s for the past 7 years, and I STILL miss having a mac. The reign of PC’s in our office needs to end. I am over them.
So I’m going to take him to the store to “look”. I predict once he actually sees and touches one, he will want it.