I got an ARC today…

This is it folks. Geek Knits is actually happening. No, flying around the country taking photos didn’t make it reality. Neither did the countless hours of editing, the knitting, the emails, the schedules… none of that made it real until I was holding this:

Now, normally I would really care that I took a picture after multiple workouts (Insanity, Elliptical and Lyra and Silks IN SKATES) and that my make up was streaky, my hair a mess, etc. But I don’t care at all. I’m way too excited over having an actual, physical copy of Geek Knits in my hands.

This is really real people. This book is happening. The publisher has printed it.

I am now alternating between wanting to tell EVERYONE and wanting to hide under my blankets for the next 6 months until it’s all over. The anticipation is a mix of “Oh god I hope all the tech edits are right and all the test knits were right and there aren’t any mistakes” and “Oh god I hope everyone just LIKES the dang thing”.

Which, let’s face it. There will always be a mistake slipping through and there will always be someone who doesn’t like a book. Always. Some people don’t like tacos or blackberry pie. When I get a bad review I try to cheer myself up by reading a favorite authors bad reviews. It helps a little. Also tears, wine and ice cream. Of course the good reviews always result in a celebratory glass of wine, ice cream and happy tears. Either way this book is gonna cost me a couple pounds. But I digress…

Right now I’m trying to just relax and feel the joy that something pretty crazy was accomplished. It’s something I loved doing and I hope that everyone is going to love reading. As a reminder, click the “Books” tab up top to pre-order. Or tell your library you hope they stock it. If you’re totally disinterested in Geek Knits, you may want to put this blog on mute for a few months, because it’s going to be all Geek for a while!