I lost a year of my youth!

Not really, but… the first week of June I was sort of bummed. Another birthday, another year older, etc. etc.
I’m not a big birthday fan when it’s for me at the best of times. But I just kept thinking, 27, still no babies, even closer to 30, blah blah pity party blah blah. All month it’s been in the back of my mind. Then my darling friend Rusty, at my friend Brad’s birthday party pointed out,
“You didn’t turn 27 on your birthday, you turned 28 right”?

Oh frack. Yep. I spent weeks lamenting the fact that I was 27… but I was really 28.


*And yes to my already 30+ year old friends, I know I need to quit my bitchin. It’s not the AGE that was bothering me, it’s the fact that I’m closer to 30 with no kiddies, and I wanted to have them by the time I am 30. Make sense?