I really heart this woman…

The Fabulous Lorraine, is indeed, fabulous. She blogged about me and got me all misty eyed last night.

If you’re trying to get FIT the way I am, you should check out her blog. She is doing some amazing things right now, and her determination is incredible. She *almost* has the most rhythm challenged girl in the world talked into trying ZUMBA. (once I master this swimming thing that is)

I get to actually “meet” her in a few months, which is odd, considering I talk to her almost every day. I’m half convinced that when we meet, we will indeed find out that one of us is just a figment of the others imagination. See, we sort of think we might be the same person. Either that, or one of us is the evil twin. We will find out come Halloween.

Right. The blog: http://blog.fabulouslorraine.com/2010/09/knitting-and-finding-support-in-all.html