I really need to get a PO box…

Because the hubby went home and saw this package arrive in the mail!

Heh. Busted.

My defense is thus:
I needed those red rubber mud boots for when I’m at the barn, as it is a swamp most days. And Target.com offers free shipping if you spend over $50. So those red boots were about $15. It felt worthless to spend $10 on shipping for $15 mud boots. Then I saw those black booties with the buttons, and they looked like what they are, cheap knock offs of some really sweet L.A.M.B shoes I fell in love with… and couldn’t possibly afford. All three of those booties were between $10 and $15.
That is my defense. That and I haven’t bought new shoes in a long, long time. It’s like when you don’t eat candy for a month and then you bust through the entire box of DOTS in one sitting and feel sick all night.
Except I don’t feel sick. I feel really cute in my new shoes!