I thought I was going to get some good news…

I thought this would be a happy post stating I got my crap back. But it’s not. They ran the fingerprints from my car, and got a match. He’s a juvenile, so i was hoping they would call the mom, she would beat his ass and get my stuff. No luck. The mom hasn’t seen him in two weeks since he ran away from rehab. *sigh*
So now for me, it’s going to come down to going after the parents for the value of the stolen items, and the damage to my car. (chipped window, gouged roof, scratched door)

In some good news, my roller girls banded together over the weekend to give me a really sweet card with some cash to help me cover my stolen money. Then, a person I’ve never met before, saw my post on ravelry and stopped by the shop with some yarn and a bag for me. THEN, I wandered into Mass Ave Knit Shop and was presented with some lovely yarn and a set of bamboo sock needles from a lovely woman there who also saw the post on ravelry. Those are all good, happy things.

I’m just… sad. I am sad that someone would do this. I’ve been poor. Hell, I AM poor. And I would never break into someones freaking car! And I’m a little scared. This dude has my home address, my shop name and phone number, that makes me worried. We have a really good security system at the shop, and are now getting one installed at the house today or early tomorrow.