I’m branded!

This way, if I ever get lost and wander over to another derby league, they know where to send me back!

Donnie at Metamorphosis did the ink! It’s hard to tell, but it’s this awesome bright pink color! I love it!

He also tricked Dill into redoing his chicken finger. I say tricked, because Dill was just there to watch me get done. Then Donnie said he wanted to touch up a couple spots on the chicken. It took a bit to get Dill in the chair, since a tattoo on the side of your finger HURTS! Once he got Dill in for it, he went ahead and redid the entire thing! Poor Dill. He would be cracking a joke, stop for a minute when Donnie hit a tender spot, then start up again.

Speaking of hurting, my tattoo is on the side of my hip. I thought that would be a nice, easy place to get tattooed. I have a pretty high pain tolerance for ink. My arm was fine, except when it got close to the armpit. That was tender. Shoulder was nothing. Neck wouldn’t have been too bad, it was just sitting in the chair for over four hours with my head dropped forward that hurt. My foot… okay. That one I will totally admit hurt pretty darn bad! But my hip… I figured nice fleshy area, I kept away from my hipbone.. shouldn’t be a big deal right? Yea… it hurt. Apparently that is a nice and sensitive spot! It wasn’t the worst ever, but it caught me off guard!
Hip checks at practice the next day were pretty fun too 😉