Had a blast this weekend at Inconjunction! I was joined by Laura Hohman, the designer of of the Tank Girl Socks and the Cunning Socks in Knits for Nerds, as well as Zabet Stewart, co-author of The AntiCraft.

We had a great time hosting the geek kniting workshop, as well as the crafting in fandom panel.

I’m even more excited now for GenCon!

I bought this fabulous Doctor Who 10th Doctor Pony in the art room! Isn’t it cute??

Zabet demonstrating how many times she can wrap a Who scarf around Laura.

All three of us accidentally posing according to height. I’ll admit that my shoes were padding my inches (or feet) a bit.

Laura had to try on said shoes, to see if she would instantly break an ankle. (she did not)

Another art room find! It’s post card sized, and someone is going to get that as a card in the mail. You have been warned my friends! Mwhaaha!

A sneaky picture of my Mom laughing at the con. Sometimes that happens.

Hope that those of you who made it enjoyed the panels and the free knitting pattern! I can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet some new people at GenCon!