It’s a good week for books.

Today was the release of STORIES. Since I was going in late to work today I decided to pick up a copy!
Called a bookstore. Didn’t have it, never heard of it, never heard of the author… WHAT???
Since we had to hit the mall anyway (shudder) we decided to pop into Barnes and Noble to see if they had it. Check the computer… yes! Sci/Fi fantasy section.
Go to sci/fi fantasy section… no book. Ask worker, she looks up on computer, goes to sci/fi fantasy section… no book. She asks another worker, they point us to sci/fi fantasy section… yea, hasn’t materialized. After about 45 minutes, we’re pouring over the new release table, and there it was! Hidden under some autobiography from some American Idol kid. (Really? How can you be that young and need an autobiography?)

Anyway, snagged my STORIES, and saw Mr. Dill Her0 nudge the remaining copies into a more prominent position.

Also, I did NOT intentionally wear this shirt. It was just a clean black shirt, which I wear a lot of.

So if you need a copy and live in Indiana, B&N Greenwood has about 4 left!