Keeping the legacy

As many of you know, my Grandmother passed away this summer. She was the not only the woman I spent countless summers, weekends, and sick days with as a kid, she also taught me how to knit when I was 20 years old.

I remember watching both my Mom and my Gram knitting all the time when I was a kid. They were both always cramming intricate cable sweaters over my head, which I was so unappreciative of. I was always jealous of their knitting. It was something they both did, and both excelled at. Both of them were deaf as well, so it was like they had two separate languages between them. Signing and knitting.

Once my Grandma taught me how to knit I felt like I was part of their cool club. I learned an incredible appreciation for their art and spent at least a couple days a week camped on my Grandma’s couch begging her to show me how to felt, how to join a new yarn, how to ssk, how to work fair isle, etc. We didn’t work off patterns for the most part. I told her I wanted to make a sweater, she taught me how to work out how many stitches I wanted, what kind of sleeves and neck and just make a freaking sweater. She showed me how to adjust her old vintage patterns and modernize them to my current tastes, change the sizing, decipher the outdated directions, anything I wanted to work on, she was there for me.

Last night, Mom brought over tubs of her old knitting that she made and wore. It was hard for my Mom to go through. Seeing the cardigan that they had made as a matched set when my Mom was a kid (one for Mom, one for Grandma) the outfits she made and wore up till the end, that was tough.

I haven’t gotten a chance to go through everything. It’s so hard to do. But I wanted to share a couple of her pieces, which don’t even scratch the surface of her talent.

This coat was her pride and joy. Knit back in the 50’s or 60’s I think. She wanted a fur coat but couldn’t afford one. So she picked up her knitting needles, knit a coat, then brushed it until the yarn looked like real fur. From a distance no one could tell!

Really cool mod cape she made in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

She made a ton of skirts. they all have matching tops. The tops are too big in the bust and too short in the arms for me, but the older skirts actually fit pretty well!

Her lace work was incredible as well.

All those sequins were attached by sewing them on afterwards. The “made by” tag made me cry my head off last night.

Once I pull myself together I’m going to go through and post more pictures. There 20’s style dresses knit out of sock weight yarn full of lace work that will make you swoon.