Knits for Nerds is HERE (and I’m a big dork about it)

Today is the official release date for Knits for Nerds, but a few little birds told me yesterday that Barnes and Noble had it on their shelves already!
Now, with Knockdown Knits, only a few stores actually physically carried it on the shelves. Borders was one, and a FEW B&N locations had it, but not all, and not the one right down the street from my house. So I didn’t really believe that B&N had it on the shelves, not unless I could SEE it.
Which led us to running all of our errands after work, dropping the parrot off at home, and heading over to the local B&N so that I could be a huge dork and take a picture of my book ON A SHELF AT A BOOKSTORE.
We looked and looked all over the crafts section, and couldn’t find it anywhere! Finally, Dill went up to a kiosk and asked a member of the staff where it could be found. (I hid behind a display, hoping that my giggles wouldn’t give me away as the crazy author of said book)
He led us up to one of the front display tables, while I did a little jig behind Dill thinking, “My book is on a display table!!!!!”. We took pictures, and the workers kept looking at us, probably wondering what the hell we were doing. I probably should have explained, but I was much too shy, even though I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, “LOOK! THAT’S MY BOOK”!!!!

I am SUCH a nerd…

I’ve also heard via Twitter that it’s not just my B&N with that display, it’s all of them! Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about it.

If you want to check out a cool blog from one of my photographers point of view: go here.

It’s pretty awesome, and has some great behind the scenes shots!