Knits for Nerds: The Photos

When I signed with Andrews McMeel for this book, my agent and I lobbied to use two of my favorite photographers. Tom Klubens and Marc Lebryk .
I’ve known them both for years through roller derby. They’re usually on the sidelines at Naptown Roller Girls bouts, and they helped do our yearly roller derby calender. I knew they would both understand that I wanted the photos to be both really, really, cool AND functional.
We did some of the photos around Indy, but the absolute best was getting to do the main photo shoot up at Neil and Lorraine’s. It was a long weekend where cats and dogs were known to jump into what would have been the perfect shot (though in one instance, the cat made the shot perfect)we battled cold, snow, and in my case, a lost voice.
Marc blogs a little bit about it HERE.

One of my favorite outtake shots was of our friend Dora, in Neil’s rather creepy attic.

(click on the pic to make it big and get the full creepy effect)

Marc took that one, and there is just something about it. The blank expression on Dora’s face, the door swinging open into the shot; you get the feeling that something VERY BAD is going to happen if you walk into that room. In fact, after the picture was taken, even though Dora was downstairs, doing make-up on Jane for the next shoot, I half expected her to still be sitting in that chair in the attic, waiting for me.

I know Marc is doing more blogging about the photos and I’m hoping to post some of the goofy outtakes myself! I’ve also already started getting photos of people who have made projects from Knits for Nerds, so I’ll be posting those as well! If you finish a pattern make sure to let me know so I can post it on here!