Knitting Vs. Minnesota

I’ve been knitting, but I’ve been so busy prepping for our North Star bout that nothing is getting done. A project gets picked up, worked on, then set down again!

I have however, been crocheting the absolute heck out of these hats!
Bad picture of me but you get the drift! I hung up one I made in brown at the shop, and sold it in two days. Then I hung up this one, and sold it in five minutes! Then I hung up a gray one, and sold it in 15 hours!
Moral of the story? I need to make more of these dang hats!

Soooo… while youtubing North Star, getting mentally in my game.. I came across this video. First, let me set the scene:
We’re hanging at the Indiana State Fair, getting ready to skate in the parade. (side note to self… next year, make sure we’re not behind the flippin HORSES!) We see these crazy guys with crazy instruments, who introduce themselves as the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers.
Then they serenade us.

Alright, packing my sweaters and socks now.. getting ready for the 10 hour bus ride on Friday…