Llamas and minis! Oh my!

Today was move Flippy the Llama and Starkey the miniature horse day! They’re going to an awesome new barn, which is a lot closer to where I live.
I should have taken some pictures of the new place. There is a HUGE indoor riding arena, and lots and lots of pasture. Big giant box stalls.. the place is really nice. They do a lot of rescue work. Retired race horses and such. This is Paco, and he has absolutely stolen my heart. He whuffled on me. (blew air and made a snuffling noise on my hair… I melted).

Horribly thin right now. But once he gets some weight on him he’ll look amazing!

And now… Starkey and Flippy!

A face only a mom can love:

Hanging out:

I really though flippy would be freaked out by the big horses, since he’s only been around minis. In reality, they were freaked out by him!

I’ll try and get some better pics tomorrow when I go back to the barn. We picked up a nice little surrey cart for Starkey and some of the ponies that pass through. Should be interesting!