Long night…. longer day!

Last night was practice. It was fun, Rick KILLED our arms. I mean killed. I have never hit absolute fatigue in my triceps before, and I did last night. It was crazy.
We got to scrimmage, and every time either teams jammer went through untouched, everyone got push-ups. Sirens and Belles. Madness I tell you.
Anyway, during one scrimmage, I was playing blocker 2, and tangled wheels with I think the jammer. Went down on my ass, HARD. I haven’t fallen on my butt since the first couple weeks of skating, three years ago. Usually when I fall it’s on my hips or my knees. Never my butt. This time though, not only did I fall straight down, on the concrete, on my tail bone, I also sat on my wheel. Owwwwww.
Rick was quick to rush over and ask if I hurt the wheel. I flipped him off from my face down position on the ground.

Anyway, I benched for about 10 minutes, with an ice pack on my ass. But benching is just not my style. I don’t like driving all the way to practice to lay on my stomach with an ice pack on my booty. So I got back up and scrimmaged the rest of the night. I didn’t do any of our sneaker exercises, since going up on my toes and bending over hurt really bad. I just went to the side and worked my arms out some more.
When I finally dragged my ass home, I showered, ate, and tucked into bed. Sometime around 130 or 200am, I woke up in PAIN. Holy crap, my butt hurt. I cried, and limped out of the bedroom in search of the heating pad. Found it in the bathroom closet, and started down the hallway back to the bedroom.. and there HE was.

Vega the cat. Sweet, cudly, and hopelessly heating pad addicted. I don’t mean he just likes the heating pad like a normal cat, I mean he is freaking addicted to it!
I tucked the heating pad behind my back, and began to shuffle past him.. very slowly due to my sore butt and now sore lower back.
Came from behind me. I continued my shuffle, when I heard a scramble of paws and Vega appeared before me, blocking my path to the bedroom.
“You are not getting in the bedroom” I told him.
I walked past him, while he opened his mouth and HOWLED at me in fury. I opened the bedroom door the tiniest crack, and put my foot in Vega’s face to push him away from the door. I slid through, and went to shut the door as quickly as possible.
Vega had rammed his head into the door, and had now wormed his neck in. I couldn’t continue to shut the door, so I put my foot back in his face, and opened it another small crack to push him the rest of the way out. He wrapped his front paws around my foot, and held on for dear life. I tried to kick him off, and somehow, in the mess, he ended up in the bedroom.
“You are not, I repeat, NOT getting this freaking heating pad. It’s nice outside, you have a fur coat, and I am sore and need sleep. Bugger off cat”!
I plugged the heating pad in, and set it on the bed for me to lay on. Before I could even begin to slide in, Vega was there, on the pad. I shoved him off onto Dan, who sputtered, scooped him up, and tossed him off the other side of the bed. I sat down, went to slide myself up onto the pad so I could lay down, and the stupid cat was already there. I slid him off the bed AGAIN, and laid down on the pad.
Sigh. Bliss. Heat on my sore spots.
Ooof! Cat jumped on my stomach.
Vega than began to slide his paw under my back, and paw at the heating pad. I once again shoved him onto Dan.
Ah, finally, drifting off to sleep.
All of a sudden, I felt a digging, yes DIGGING, at my side. It was Vega, frantically trying to dig the heating pad out from under me. I scooped him up, limped out of bed, and threw him out the door.
Now I don’t know what happened here. I know I tossed him out, but the cat is a freaking ninja. Because when I turned back around, he was jumping back onto the bed, and heading towards my heating pad. Rawr!!!
Tossed him off again, and flopped down way harder than I needed to so I could claim my pad before the stupid cat. I spent the rest of the night, what little there was left, getting no sleep from a combination of pain, and pain in the arse cat! Any little movement I made, he was watching, waiting to claim some little section of heating pad. I finally drifted off to sleep around 330, and when I woke up at 400 he was somehow halfway on the pad, scrunched into a little tiny ball. When we left for work this morning he was pacing in front of the bedroom door. He knows the heating pad is out, and on the bed, and he wants it.
Tonight should be interesting. Is there a kitty rehab for heating pads? I’ve even tried turning the vibration on while he was sleeping on the pad. Didn’t phase him a bit!

So I am very tired, and very sore this morning, and the shop has been slammed all day. We opened a little early because of voting, and we’ve seen a solid mass of people all morning. Great for us, and even greater for our country. (Fingers crossed)