Look who else is gonna be at Pop Con!

Remember this awesome photo Kyle Cassidy took for Geek Knits?

Those are my friends Whitney Avalon and Steve Gossett. Sure, they’re wonderful Geek Knits Models, but they also created this series of videos:

I remember Steve telling us about this when he was in town visiting. I admit having my doubts. I was like, “Whitney is gonna rap? Dressed as Snow White? Ok.. that’ll be cool I guess…”

And of course when the first video was released I watched it about 20 times, laughing my butt off and cheering out loud as it went viral.

Well, good news if you’re in Indy for Pop Con, Whitney is going to be there all three days!

I really hope that you make time to see her!

Now, let’s all admire one more Kyle Cassidy pic!