Maiden America Blanket!

Remember the Neil and Amanda blanket? I was stuck in a bit of a creative rut a month ago, so I decided to jump start my brain by doing another portrait blanket. Surfing around some of my friends facebook photos, I found one of Maiden America, photographed by Dave Wood. Facebook Page

I started with the photo:

Then I pixelated the ever loving crap out of it, and made a graph! Sometimes when graphing from a photo, certain things can warp out a little bit, so I had to fill in some parts of the chin and jaw to keep her face from getting distorted.

It’s always a little scary to start this sort of thing, because when I’m working on it, it just looks like a blobby mess. Even when I lay it out and step back, it looks like a wreck. I always have to take a photo to make sure it’s coming along the way I want it to.

This was about the point I realized how epically I had messed up. I was so eager once I made the graph to start on the blanket, I didn’t really take a look at all that black space next to her face. If I were smart, I would have cut ALL that black off to the side. It not only would have made the blanket more square, it would have saved me hours of work. Unfortunately, I have a stubborn set of bones in my body, so I decided there was no way in hell I was ripping out and starting over.

Finished product, still needs fabric put on the back:

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I really regret leaving all that black space in. It added DAYS to the project.

Overall it was over 37,000 stitches, and ended up about 6 feet wide! Massive!

I’m hoping this will be a series. You know, something I can do with all my copious amounts of free time! (ha!)