Memorial Weekend

We started off the weekend Saturday after work, by heading the the Indiana State Museum for the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit. That, however, will have to be another blog post. Since I had my camera stolen, I used Dan’s camera to take pictures, and don’t have it with me to upload. It was a frustrating experience, as his digital camera is old and takes crappy pictures. Which brings me to…

The pink Sony Cyber-shot!
After trying out several cameras multiple times in the store, I decided I liked the Sony best. The Nikon was incredibly cool, but had a delay when you snapped a picture, and that is my big pet peeve on a camera. I was really bummed about the redesign of the Elph, since I had loved the one I had so much, but the Cyber-shot is so far proving to be great.
Of course, since this is ME, going to get the camera was not an easy feat!
I decided, spur of the moment Sunday, after waffling back and forth about how we couldn’t afford it, vs. how badly I wanted/needed it, etc, jumped up and said, “eff it! I’m going to Best Buy”! Then I scrambled around for 20 minutes looking for my credit card. Then another 10 minutes looking for my ID. After digging both of those items up from the depth of 2 different purses, I hopped in the car and drove to best buy. Walked right up, said, what I wanted, got the last pink one (yay) and went to check out. Annddd… my card declined! Huh? I had JUST gotten the bill, and everything was fine. I reach in my pocket to get my cell phone to call the credit card company, only to realize I had forgotten it. Ugh.
I asked the nice cashier to tuck my purchase under the counter, and ran back home to get my cell. I called the credit card company and got this:
CSL(customer service lady)
CSL: Well your account is over-due.
Me: No, I just paid it.
CSL: Well you only paid $X on it.
Me: Right, but I paid 2 payments of $X, because I only use this card to pay taxes. So I pay our sales tax on line, and instantly pay that off. Then, when the Food and Beverage tax is due, I pay that, then pay it off. They’re due on 2 separate days.
CSL: Oh! You’re right. This isn’t overdue at all. The second payment came in after the due date, but the first payment was in BEFORE the due date, and paid well over the minimum.
Me: *thinking* No shit sherlock.
CSL: Wait… you have a fraud alert on here.
Me: Yea, my car got broken into, so I called and had my old card canceled, and received a new card.
CSL: Okay, but there is an alert on here, so since you tried to make a larger purchase than normal and Best Buy, and it was an unusual purchase, that’s what happened. Let me transfer you to the fraud dept.
Me: Kay. *checks watch stamps foot, flips off phone*
FSL (fraud service lady)
FSL:Blah blah blah… sorry for the problem, your card is fine now.
Me: So I am going to drive back to Best Buy right now, and you assure me that this card will work correct?
FSL: Correct.
Me: You promise? Because that was embarrassing.
FSL: Miss, I apologize for your earlier troubles, but there is no issue with your card at this moment.
Me: Okay, thanks for your help.

So you know what happens next right? Hop back in car, drive back to store and AAARRRGGHHH! Declined!
This time though, I brought my cell phone with me. I promptly, foaming at the mouth, called the number on the back of the card.
After going through, almost WORD FOR WORD the same payment conversation I had before, until they realized that yes, my payments are fine, I got transfered to the fraud dept. again. I had a different lady this time though. And she said…

FSL: Yes, it is noted in here that your card will be cleared. However, that won’t go through until midnight.

Hung up, called Dan, somewhat snarled at him to get to Best Buy with his credit card. He came, purchased camera for me, while I turned red and looked at my shoes. Gah.

Anyway, after that we went home, and I proceeded to mix some strawberries, pineapple rum, raspberry vodka, and bananas in the blender. Then we grilled out, invited some friends over, and did this:

That, is an old swing set that was in our backyard. Attached to the swing set is a pull down swing that Dan found in the trash. (my hubby loves to dumpster dive. Ask him about the pink bowling ball, the working stand up arcade game called Mercs, etc)
In front of the pull down screen, we set up our projector, with our box set of Indiana Jones movies!

Unfortunately it was too light outside when we first tried to start:
But we entertained ourselves with dogs, frisbee, and drinks until it got dark enough to really get into it. As you can image, I was trying to put the new camera through the ringer! I took lots and lots of pics.

While playing frisbee, we got the dogs howling, which is always a good time. The neighbors especially love it.

At one point, there were probably about 7 dogs in my yard, if you count the neighbors pooches who came over for a visit. Since none of our friends that we hang out with every week have kids, when we visit each other we bring our dogs. (of course, once we all have kids, I doubt if we’ll be visiting each other every single week anyway)
Anyway, there are tons of dogs running around my yard, they all get in a little group and start howling. All of a sudden, there is a kid in our yard, scooping up a dog. I started to protest, when I realized it wasn’t one of OUR dogs! The howling had made a neighborhood pooch dart from his home and run over to join in the fun! And we hadn’t even noticed the addition!

While playing with the new camera, I realized something about chi’s. They ALWAYS look stoned.

Obvious case of the munchies here.

Totally zoning out.

The, “I love you man” stage.

And the happily close to passing out stage.

See. Constantly stoned.

Even Sweet C’s dog Hank looks glassy eyed to me:

Whereas Ernie the mutt, looks smart and superior to those around him.

Of course about 30 seconds after this was taken he was blissfully rolling in something stinky…

Once it got dark enough, it was a total blast watching the movies outside.

We got through the first 2, then had to stop since it was almost midnight, and I didn’t think our neighbors would enjoy the outdoor stereo for another 2 hours.

Oh and I almost forgot, since it was starting to get chilly out, I totally got to wear my newly completed socks!

That’s using some of my lovely donated yarn and needles! It felt so good to have a finished project again!

The next day the shop was closed, so Dan and I didn’t have to work! Whoo hoo!

We took the top off the Honda, and um.. went to the shop and made coffee. But we didn’t HAVE to. So that makes it better. Right?

We putzed around all day. Went to five guys burgers and fries since, Daniel, forced to eat vegetarian by yours truly most of the time, occasionally just HAS to have a burger. The fries were good, and veggie safe. So I was happy. We went shoe shopping for Dan, then headed to Kerasotes to use our $5 buck club cards on Iron Man.
The movie was great, but man oh man, I would NOT want to be a movie theater employee at that theater, that day. Not only was it crazy crowded, with lines all over the place for Indiana Jones, but there soda machines went down! So they were having to pour out of 2 Liter bottles! yipes!

After all that, we spent some much needed veg time on the couch. Watched the Orphanage. Great movie, good twists. So overall a pretty kick ass weekend!