Dill and I decide to have an epic cleaning day yesterday. I got rid of lots and lots of clothing, cleaned out the bedroom closet, and we both worked on the garage.
Found a box of my school days stuff. Painful, awkward, and slightly awesome.
The notes passed in Jr. High were hilarious. From my friend “T”
“I am in LOOOVE! Do you like Jason the way I like Dan? Do you want me to ask Dan to ask Jason if he likes you? You guys should so go out!”

It goes on like that for quite a while. But the very next note I found from “T” says:

“I HATE HATE HATE Jason. He is such a jerk”!

Oh painful teen years. I do not miss you even a little bit.

Also found my old player sheets from playing Vampire Masquerade, and my Crow trading cards. This probably explains why Jason never did go out with me….

From the box:

I remember getting those tapes. I had a cd player, but couldn’t find the Sex Pistols on cd. So I had to beg my dad for a tape deck, which I think baffled the heck out of him. But he found an old one for me to use, so I could blare my punk music with sufficient raspy lo-fi quality.