More from Wisconsin…

After the epic derby win and epic after party, we had a full day of hanging out! We kicked it off with breakfast:

And decided to follow it up with a walk in the woods. I had to get into the woods because I had A PLAN. See, Neil has a tombstone in his back garden. Next to the tombstone is a zombie hand. Being an extremely chilly part of the country, I felt this zombie hand needed a glove. I tweeted this picture:

And I think I officially weirded Neil Gaiman out.

Dill and Kerrie decided to go back into the house where it was warm, while Greg and I wanted to get a good walk in, so we kept going down the path.

When we hit the beehives, Greg and I became aware of shouting up by the road. We headed up to see what the commotion was, and spotted not only a horse, but Dill and Kerrie!

Turns out a girl had tied her horse up improperly while going into the local bar for a drink. Dill and Kerrie spotted the horse running down the road, hopped in a car and caught it. Yay Dill and Kerrie!

But. Let’s back up here. At the local bar, you can TIE YOUR HORSE UP at the hitching post and go in for a drink.
You. Can. Ride. Your. Horse. To. The. Bar.
Why the effing frack do I not live there yet????