More on that Carole King thing…

Whew! It has been busy here! I meant to post more on Carole King being in my coffee shop, but ended up getting busy with knitting, book stuff, and catering!
Anyway, the basic rundown:

Carole King was in Indiana stumping for Obama. We got a call on Monday from the Obama campaign office, asking if they could do a small luncheon with about 15 people, and possibly Carole King. “Cool with me, I’ll reserve some tables for you”. Easy enough right? Um. No.
Tuesday morning, we’re serving our first couple customers of the day, when the phone rings. Dan picks it up, and the call goes something like this:

K(caller, who didn’t block her caller id): Is the manager available?
D(Dan of course): I’m the owner, what can I do for you. (thinking it’s someone calling in an order)
K: Is Carole King going to be at your shop today?
D: Um, I think so. They’ve requested some seats for lunch.
K: Well, I just want you to know, I believe in freedom of speech and all, but that is JUST RIDICULOUS!!!! You’re going to let a COMMUNIST MUSLIM enter your shop… I just, I am NEVER coming in there again.
K: I am going to see you CLOSED DOWN. How DARE YOU!! (and on, and on, until she hung up)
D: Neato. She didn’t block her number! *dials the po po*

So we filed a report, made sure the cops understood she didn’t threaten us, but we wanted a record of the call in case she was as crazy as she sounded.
Seriously though. I have my politics. And Dan has his politics. The coffee shop? No politics. If McCains people wanted to rent out some seats and give me their monies.. no problem.

Regardless of the crazies, Carole King was AWESOME! She was so nice. And that 15 person luncheon? More like 50 person. But everyone was cool, and friendly. We called our worker Carly in, and no one waited more than 45 seconds for a drink. We were on fire!

Here are pics from the event: (as always, click on the pic to make it bigger)

She had some very positive things to say. Her overall message was: “Voted Republican in the past couple elections? How’s that working out for you”?

I was also impressed by how she took the time to talk to everyone that came out to see her. She signed stuff, took pictures, shook hands… she gave her time to every single person there. It was great!

And instead of shutting out biz down, we actually had a lot of people come in because of it! One person wanted to know where she stood and where she sat so they could stand/sit there. Another couple had seen she was at a coffee house on the news, and called every place until they realized it was us. Pretty cool experience overall!