My Blanket Fort

In a few hours, Geek Knits will be out in the world. People can buy it, love it and… criticize it.

Is it odd that the thought of the praise AND the criticism makes me want to hide in a blanket fort for several weeks?

Geek Knits has been my baby for several years now. I thought up the idea over 3 years ago. I spent over a year of my life dedicating every single day to it’s creation. Now that it’s ready to hit the shelves I’m finding myself a bundle of nerves. I’m coping by buying way too much make up on line, working out like crazy and will more than likely eat my weight in vegetarian sushi in the coming days.

So, if you need me tomorrow I’ll be attempting to stay out of the blanket fort by alternately running laps around my block or obsessively googling myself.