My Bloody Valentine

Dill and I had a very long, very hard week last week. The shop was just slammed, which is great! Then Friday we had a charity event, where we served about 200 people, and stayed open until past 10am at night! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take that kind of night every night of the week! But dang, I was TIRED and SORE after!
We decided this weekend to treat ourselves to a movie. Now, I am not a fan of horror movies, but I love, love, love a good 3-D movie! So when I heard about My Bloody Valentine in 3-D… we had to go!
We got to the theater super early, to make sure we sat dead center, for the best experience. It started to get a little crowded, when I noticed this family come in with their kids, who looked to be about 12 and 6. Now, I’m not a parent yet, but I would hope, that while I plan on being a pretty cool, hip mom, I would not succumb to my child wanting to see a movie like, My Bloody Valentine, at the age of 6. The entire family were wearing matching leather Colts jackets, the mom had hair that was straight out of Washington Square Mall in 1989, and the Dad was about 2″ away from a mullet.
I saw them start eyeballing the rows, and walking up the stairs towards ours. Okay, I can deal with them sitting in front of us, though the Mom’s hair might get in the way of my gore. And I wondered briefly if the 6 year old would start puking or having a mental break down during the movie.
They passed the row in front of us, and kind of eyed our row. Once again, I could deal if they sat in our row, at least then the hair wouldn’t block me.
But no, they sat behind us, and within seconds the 6 year old began the seat kicking. I turned around and glared at him and the dad, and it stopped… until the movie began. Then it was a horrid pattern of kick, glare, stop, kick, glare, stop. Me muttering, “I will not hit a child, but I will put the smack down on the breeders if this kicking doesn’t knock it the eff off”. Finally stopped, for the most part.
I try not to blame the kid too much. I mean, hell, he was probably going through all sorts of mental issues during this movie! First off, the gore. Not normal gore. 3-D, in your face, crazy ass gore. It was super, super bloody and gross. Then the nudity. This 6 year old had to sit through no less than 15 minutes of full frontal, in your face, 3-D nudity. Some chick ran around totally naked except for her high heels, then got cut up and gutted. (I’m not ruining plot here. By now we all know the naked chick is gonna get it in these movies) So not only did Jr. get exposed to sex and violence at his tender young age, he got exposed to SEXUAL violence. Great. In 15 years we’re going to be reading about this kid on the “incidents” page of the paper.

Besides the lesson in bad parenting behind me, it was a great movie. By great movie, I of course mean that it had awesome 3-D. The movie, plot, and acting were all horrible, but I knew they would be going in. I totally went for the 3-D experience.

Speaking of 3-D… the Coraline trailer also played in 3-D. It looked so awesome! The 3-D was amazing, I can’t wait!