My husband rules!

I have been BEGGING, BUGGING, and PLEADING every store within 30 minutes of us for a wii fit for months now. It was the whole reason I bought the stupid wii! Now, I don’t think I was a sucky customer about it, since I would always ask nicely if they had any, say thank you, etc, appologize for the fact that they were probably getting eleventybillion requests for the stupid things (I kind of hate Nintendo), but I still hated asking, knowing that they were sick of it, I was sick of looking, etc.
I had even signed up for wii fit alerts that set off my email, and alarm on my computer, and a text message when one went for sale on line. I tried about a 100 times with that, but by the time I got it in my cart, and tried to check out, they were always gone!
Finally, our friend Steve, who is the master of the sweet talk, got an employee at Target to admit that they had Wii Fits in the back, but couldn’t sell them until June 29th, because they were going to be in the ad that day. This was about 3 weeks ago.
So my husband, and our good friend Will, camped out in the Target parking lot. Will starting at 1am, Dan starting at 3:30 am. This after a day of HARD work catering, then working until close at the shop. They were second in line, got one wii fit each (out of the 13 that could be had) and after we got off work Sunday we played Wii Fit all evening! (Well, I played Wii Fit, Dan passed out on the couch from exhaustion).
I finally, FINALLY have a stupid Wii Fit, and I love it! I hula hooped, ran, skied, did step areobics, yoga, hit soccer balls with my head, boxed, it was great! (Even if my Mii did get fatter after my BMI test… grrr)
Then Dan wakes up and logs on… and beats every high score I had spent the last two hours setting! Gah!
Hope to get some play time tonight, but he found a cruiser bike for himself, so we might go riding instead!