My Thoughts on Kindle, let me show you them…

Here’s the thing, I am an old fashioned, pen and paper kind of girl. I keep a journal, in a notebook. All of my book keeping for the shop, while done in the fanciest, schmanciest, computer money programs available, start out in my handwritten spreadsheets and check registers. I like to write notes and letters to my husband, instead of emails and text messages.
Some technology I have embraced. Obviously, I keep a blog. And I’ve discovered the joys of storing and organizing my knitting on websites like I also think the ipod was meant for me. While I love cd’s and liner notes and all the cool hold it in your hand joy of purchasing a new cd… I lose cd’s like no ones business. Which is why my ipod is my best friend. My cell phone… eh, evil necessity. I don’t know how to change a tire, jump start a car, etc. So a cell phone is an absolute must for me.
The Amazon Kindle 2.0 however.. I laughed at when I first heard about it. Who could prefer a cold, hard, laptopish thing over a BOOK? A book that smells good, and has pages that you can turn, and that thrill of going into a bookstore, browsing for hours, and finding something that is just perfect!
I grew up with books. My mother is a science fiction writer, and both my parents are great readers. I don’t even remember learning to read, I just remember that I could read before I could tie my shoes or sit through an entire day of kindergarten. My mom was a great enabler. We would go to library book sales and just load up BAGS of books. It was like a rock concert. We would get their hours early, wait for the doors to open, and dive in, filling bags with whatever books looked good, and then we would pay per bag when we left. My back and hands would hurt for days from lugging those bags around. My bedroom was on the second floor, and my parents used to joke about how my bedroom was likely to end up on the ground level due to my book collection.
Half the reason my current home appealed to me, were the floor to ceiling book cases in the living room. Dan has since added on to those bookcases, and they are still crammed tight, with about 6 boxes of books in storage in the back room. I’ve read every book in my home at least twice. The problem is, my parents having encouraged my reading from a very young age, I read FAST. As in, I bought a new book Sunday night, and was done with it Monday afternoon fast. I love being able to consume a book like that, but at the same time.. what do I read now? I can’t afford to just buy a new book every other day!
I’ve been hearing rumblings about the Kindle, but as I mentioned, I found the idea laughable. Then I went to the website, and watched the videos.
Really… it’s a pretty darn good idea! The screen reads like the page of a book, without the harshness of a laptop, so it doesn’t hurt your eyes the way my laptop does sometimes. The books are cheaper, you can download them from anywhere a cellphone can work, totally free of charge. Plus all the storage! I would no longer have to sigh in exasperation after purchasing a book, and have literally, no place on the shelf for it! The text to speech is cool, but I doubt if it’s something I would use. I do however, wonder if you can download audio books. (if you’ve never heard Neil Gaiman read one of his audio books, you should, it’s a real treat!)
The “nail in the coffin” of my desire happened this morning, when a customer came in talking about the new Kindle. One of his friends has one, and he’s totally sold on it. Dill says, “maybe” for my birthday. A big maybe. As in, if we sell lots and lots of coffee between now and them. I’m trying to convince him that my birthday is next week, so that I don’t have to lug 8 books to Alabama and back next weekend. (seriously, 12 hour bus ride! Last time I finished the two books I bought before we even got to Minnesota)!
Plus, think of all the cool Kindle Cozies I could knit for it!!!!

ETA- Hey and look! For all of you that already own a Kindle, you can buy something of my moms!