My thoughts on Twilight. (filled with spoilers)

To quote the great Cleolinda, let me show you them!

So we hit the movies last week for the midnight showing of Twilight. Joined by Farrah, Cleaver, Josephine, Kit, and several other Naptown gals, we rolled into the theater around 10:30, pleasantly surprised that thanks to our girls saving seats, we were able to sit right away, with no fuss! I plopped myself next to Farrah, while Dill scrunched with me on one side, and some teen girls on the other. (this is relevant, though he wishes it wasn’t)
I was proudly sporting my Paramore hat, like the true geek that I am, and worked on a new hat while waiting on the lights to go down. It was fun. Got to chill with the girls, talk books and derby (and had one girl in the audience do a tiny happy dance when she realized she was sitting next to Naptown girls)! just generally a good time, hanging out with my friends.
Then the lights went dim, and a slow, high pitched squeal started coming from the audience. I glanced around to see the source of the problem, and realized it was me, Farrah, and Diane:)

My first impression of the movie? Loved it! I’ll hit the bad parts first, so we can end on a positive!
Bad stuff:
1.The make up. Oh holy crap… who did this to them??? Why was Edward wearing such a dark shade of lipstick? Why would Carlisle and Rosalie have that much freaking cake batter on their faces??? Why did Jasper have baby powder in his hair? It was just too extreme, and distracting!
2. Jasper as Edward Scissorhands. I get it. Pain. Paaaiiinnn… Jasper wants to eat all the little humans around him and resisting is HARD! Okay. But the puckered lip bug eyed crap he was doing was just way, way too much! It wasn’t until the baseball scene that he looked normal and awesome.
3. Jaspers power. Um. Hi. Did we really just cut that entire part out? Because it was important.
4. Bella sneaking out of hotel. ARGH! Alice. Sees. The. Future. She would have seen that! In the book she sees Bella dying in the ballet studio, because Bella knows that is what she’s going to do, she just doesn’t know how. She makes a last minute decision to slip away, which is pretty much the work around to Alice. Making snap decisions on the fly. Grrz abound for that one.
5. The kiss scene. Not the actual scene. The fact that they did not provide the audience with a remote so that we could rewind for the next half hour.
6. Alice. We need more dang Alice. They cut some of her awesome, and it made me sad.
7. The hospital scene. As Farrah put it, it was more battered wife than soul mate with the way it was acted. If you hadn’t read the books, it would have made no sense whatsoever. Those of us that read the books just filled in the proper dialogue during Kristin Stewarts gasping.
8. Um. That waitress? In La Porte? What the hell was with her hair?

The awesome
1. Robbert Pattinson as Edward. Wow. I was not crushing on this actor at all, but during the movie my jaw was on the floor. He totally nailed the tortured mix of, “I love you but I kind of sort of have a primal urge to kill you”. He, for lack of a better, non cheese filled description, smoldered every time he was on screen. Ugh. It was ridiculous!
2. Alice. The actress nailed Alice. From the using thighs for leverage while I rip your head off move, to her, “it’s gonna happen anyway” line.. I just freaking love her. That was the character I was the most afraid for with the translation from print to screen. I was not disappointed!
3. Vampire baseball. Right up there with teenage vampire slumber party, which had better be in the third movie. It was my least favorite part of the book, but morphed into one of my favorite parts of the movie.
4. Seriously, that kiss scene. Wow. I mean. Wow. I’ve seen many an “R” rated movie with way more nudity, and way less heat.
5. Emmet. “Her name is BELLA”. One of his few lines, and still the one with the most laughs. Again, a bit of an inside joke for those that read the books, but Emmet is just a win!
6. Rosalie was the perfect bitch. They kind of killed her with the make up, but she acted her way out of it!
7. All the knitwear in the movie. Made me happy.
8. “leave you alone for a minute and the wolves come sniffing around” Heh.
9. Bella and her mom on the phone. Dan got to hear the teen girls start some massive giggling at the “are you being safe”. One of them was apparently going, “How embarassing” over and over. That in addition to the “squee” noises were probably driving Dan a little bit crazy!
10. Um. Robert as Edward Cullen. Did I already talk about this?
11. The SCORE! Holy crap. The score for this movie is amazing! I can’t wait until December when it comes out. The actual soundtrack is good too. Pattinson channels Jeff Buckley. It’s amazing.

Really, the whole movie was great! I even saw it again on Saturday with Dan’s mom. And I may or may not be seeing it again with the girls on Sunday. This can not be confirmed, because if I were doing such a thing, I would never publicly admit it!