My weekend (warning, this is looong)

No pictures today. I have my camera. I have my charger. I have my memory card. But do I have the card reader? Um. No.

Dan headed off to Evansville on Saturday morning to announce for the Demolition City Rollergirls. They lost to the Chicago outfit, but to my understanding it was not a blowout, which is always better for the fans.
I spent the better part of three hours on the wii fit. I discovered the free run, so I was popping the remote in my pocket and jogging while watching Dark Angel on dvd. Great fun, but it turned out to be a bad decision. More on that later.
Sunday I slept in (YAYAYAYAYAY) then popped over to the shop to make sure it hadn’t blown up in my absence. Got some coffee, and headed to the mall in search of a poofy skirt for the Naptown Calender photo shoot Mother Russia and I were doing that night. Had some sort of luck. Found a skirt that wasn’t exact, but a quick trip to JoAnn Fabics (where it turns out, the fabric cutter was a Naptown fan) helped my outfit look alright.
Dan got home, and he napped on the couch while I did another 2 hours on the wii fit. Which, was more of a mistake. Again, more on that later.
We drove to Zionsville, through some crazy storm, to get my hair and make up done at Ansatz. It took.. hours! My super long hair got curled, sprayed, and then tied into knots (seriously) and teased up on top of my head. The end result was very cool, very glam, and very big!
At first I was internally freaking when I saw my make up. There was so much of it, and it looked just caked on and crazy! I took a quick picture of myself with my camera and looked… okay. It photographed very well. I was relieved.
We piled into cars and headed to a remote wooded cemetery. As we were exiting the cars I hesitated. I looked kind of goth/crazy, and there were two people walking their dogs near us. Should I wait until they passed? They were simply glaring at all of us, but I figured, screw it. If they were going to call the cops, they were going to call the cops!

They called the cops.

About five minutes into set-up, the cops showed up. I was internally freaking out, thinking about the hours invested in hair and make-up that were just going to go down the drain! Luckily, Smackie did some very smooth talking and we were allowed to keep shooting. We were told that it wasn’t illegal for us to be there, they just wanted to make sure we weren’t doing some crazy shit.

After they left, we started the crazy shit.

I attempted, in skates, to climb on this tombstone, and crouch. Keep in mind, this tombstone was maybe four or five inches wide. This is were it turns out that working out on the wii fit was a big mistake.
I was sore. Ungodly, horribly, sore. Every time I crouched down, one foot forward, one foot sideways, I felt like my calves were being torn in half. Add to the fact that I have never, in all my life, been able to squat with my feet flat (which wouldn’t have been a problem here, except I was in skates.. ahhh) and it was just a bad scene. Dan was behind me, trying to hold me up. I would crouch, hold it for thirty seconds, then have to stand up. At one point I got down and started getting the tunnel vision. (notice how in describing my Sunday I speak of coffee, working out and shopping? Um yea, forgot to eat. Oops)
Thankfully, they decided to do some other poses. They were slightly more disgusting, but much more comfortable. We’re talking dirt, bugs on our faces, spiders.. ick. The pictures will be totally worth it though.
We got home around 12:30am. Dan ran out to grab food, I started the process of taking the make up off and de-knotting/washing my hair. I was kind of sad to let the curls go…

We ate, crawled our asses into bed at 1:30am or so. We had a plan for Monday. We were going to work until 10am, then two of our employees would cover us until 3pm, while we would go watch the Dark Knight at 11:30. We had not, however, planned on being out so late. So we devised a plan. During the summer, we tend to be pretty quiet until 7:30 am or so. We decided we’d go in at 5, like normal, Dan would take a 30-45 min. nap, then I would. Then we would both work during the morning rush until the girls came in to relieve us! Great plan right?
Um. Yea. No.

We get in, and notice the office light won’t come on. Huh. Weird. Then we realize the bathroom light won’t come on. The front of house lights work, so we must have blown a breaker. Okay. Dan checks all the breakers. Nope. They’re all fine. Then we realize that it’s getting warm. Shit. The AC is also out. As our the stock room fridges. And the bar!!! Aaack!
So much for the naps.

We called the landlord, then called Duke Energy, and were informed that some of our power was out from lighting. Dan explained it to me. Something about surges1-3. 1 and 2 worked, 3 did not. Whatever. It was hot, and we had no way to make lattes.
Luckily, we had the catering bars, which run on a lower power. We hooked those up. Checked the fridge thermometers, they were still very cold, and at a good temp. We had some time. Moved all the milk to the fridges that did work.
Heard noises in the alley, and poked my head out to see that Duke was working on the power situation. Sweet.
By 7am, we had all of our power back on. So all was good.

We went to see the Dark Knight and of course freaking loved it. The Joker was irritating and creepy. It was perfect.

We went back to the shop, I stayed and worked while Dan left to help our friend Paul shoot a video for a project he is doing. It was busy until about the last hour. Then I kicked back, watched some Robin Hood BBC (shut up) on line, and finished a set of lacey gloves for Smackie. I didn’t know they were for Smackie until she saw one of them and liked it. So now they are hers. Because lord knows, I do not need another pair of knit gloves for myself!

Hopefully the rest of my week goes more smoothly. It’s been crazy busy all day here, which is good!