Naptown Roller Girls vs. Dixie Derby Girls – Part 1

Naptown Roller Girls headed to Huntsville Alabama to take on the Dixie Derby Girls this past weekend.
Friday morning we loaded up the bus, with our favorite Naptown Bus Driver, Cozy, also known as Traffic Jammer! It was a pretty pleasant ride down, though someone put on the Grindhouse movie, Planet Terror. It was during this, that I realized I get slightly car sick on that bus! It sways quite a bit, especially if you’re sitting towards the back.
When we arrived in Huntsville, we spent an hour or so settling in, then headed out to dinner. The original plan was Olive Garden, then someone suggested Ruby Tuesday instead. I am a sucker for Olive Garden salad, while Dill hates the place. So I never, ever get to eat there! A group of us decided to just walk to Olive Garden anyways, while the other group took the bus to Ruby Tuesday.
My decision for Olive Garden turned out to be a very, very wise decision.
While we had a great time, feasting on bread sticks and salad, and trying to talk our massage guy into putting a certain part of himself in a stone lions mouth (don’t worry, he didn’t) Meanwhile, the girls that were at Ruby Tuesdays, witnessed this during

Horrible, horrible, horrible. The girls, coaches, and bus driver were really shaken up by it.

Saturday was game day. I awoke, to discover that I really should have brought some Strange Brew Coffee with me. Because I tried, and could not, drink the swill the hotel provided. *shudder*. Hotel coffee should be illegal.
We went out to lunch, walked around a mall for awhile, trying to just keep moving so we wouldn’t be sluggish for the game. We considered finding a roller rink, but didn’t want to be worn out for the bout.
When we finally got to the convention center, we found out our locker room was the.. mens restroom! Ewww! It was okay, just kind of cramped, with everyone trying not to get stuck by the urinals. We then laced up our skates to try out the Dixie floor. It looked nice and shiny. We’re used to a really slick floor at our practice space, so I wasn’t worried about the shine at all.
However, when we actually hit that floor… oh my dear lord. It wasn’t slick, it was actually really, really grippy. A little more grippy than our Blue Ribbon floor I think. It was also extremely uneven and bumpy! The best way to describe it, if you were skating, not crossing over, just skating, it felt like you were on a super wave water bed. Completely horrifying! Luckily, it didn’t really affect game play too much. I do know I fell way more than normal because of it. I would go to put my foot down on a simple crossover, and fall, simply because my foot would go down on a bump. Also when lining up, there was a shallow area on the inside that would affect you, so our girls started lining up on the outside.
I’m getting ahead of myself though. I’m not on game recap yet!
Our practice time was an open skate, with both teams on the track. No way to run drills or anything, it was just skating around. After we got dressed, we had a 25 minute warm up! Normally, warm ups run about 10 minutes. It was kind of strange to be running the equivalent of a practice while fans were in the building, but we did it. I was kind of worried at this point, since our warm up felt a bit sluggish and off. Thought that could have just been me!
After our warm up, it was Dixie’s turn, then all of us went to the track for the refs to check our gear over. Then the anthem, then bout time!
Which will be another post, as I’m afraid it’s going to get incredibly long…