Naptown Vs. Dixie Part 3

Right, so here comes the fun stuff! After celebrating in our locker room, our cell phones going crazy with congrats texts and happy messages, we screamed, did shots, and loaded our selves onto the bus for more screaming. Seriously, it was the loudest I think we have ever been! After a quick roll call, we headed to the after party.
The bar was small, but really cool. Our wrist bands got us free PBR. I am of the opinion that PBR should always be free. Actually, I’ve never had more than a sip of PBR in my life… until that after party. I was on a dang mission people!
We hung out with some of the other Dixie girls. The one’s I talked to were really nice, and asking us for advice, and wondering aloud what happened between last years game and this years game. We chatted with them, told them our opinions (work as a team, help your jammer, etc) and even told them some of our favorite drills to run that taught us about working as a pack.
Some of them fetched us beers, danced with us, overall very cool. Once again, hard feelings were left on the track, which is the way it should be. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and we decided to take the party to our hotel.
With a quick pause in the parking lot for some random leg wrestling, we piled into the bus and (OMITTED) which was CRAZY! Haha! And of course the bus had this private back room, and some of us totally (OMITTED)! We banned those pics from ever being published! Hopefully none of us ever want to run for office!
Cozy, aka Traffic Jammer, pulled into a liquor store on the way back to the hotel, because he’s awesome. A quick run in for drinks, and we went back to the hotel. Sweet C and Will went on the most epic of all epic quests for food. I decided I could be hungry for another 5 hours until the free hotel breakfast opened up. Which, as roller girls know, is hard. After a bout you are HUNGRY. Beyond all reason hungry! I was still partying though, and didn’t feel like wandering. Right after Sweet C left, my fellow roller girl, (OMITTED) felt the after math of her drinks, and got a bit sick. Helluva and I spent an hour or so helping her, getting her in the shower, cleaning her up, and tucking her into bed to sleep it off. Thank goodness Helluva was there, since I don’t handle the puke too well.
I headed over to the “party room” where some of the girls were still carrying on. (OMITTED)(OMITTED)(OMITTED)(OMITTED) Bwahaha! After that craziness, with Sweet C and Will back, I decided to crash out! It was probably 3 or so in the morning, and with several drunk texts to Dill, I crashed out!
My growling tummy woke me up at 5:55 a.m. We got dressed, and headed down for some yummy bagels, eggs, milk and oj! After dressing and packing, it was back on the bus for the very, very, long and rainy trip back home!
When we finally got back to our practice space, fans and family were there, greeting us with cheers, signs, chocolate covered strawberries and cookies!
And of course, my favorite part:

I’ll post more pictures later!