New book? Maybe..

I’ve been really busy for over a year now, working on a new knitting book that is definitely different from what I’ve done before. But here’s the problem with being different in a traditional industry… nobody knows if “different” is going to sell. It’s pretty easy by now for most publishers to know what kind of knitting book works. So when my agent tries to sell something of mine, there’s usually a lot of back and forth. “Is there a crossover between nerds and knitting? Do sci-fi fans like crafts?” Of course, you and I know the answers to those questions!

When I presented my latest project, there’s been even more “I LIKE it, but is there a market for it?” type of questions. So I decided, let’s just find out!

How would you feel about a knitting graphic novel? Illustrated patterns, instructions, everything from a basic learn to knit to more advanced patterns and techniques. However, it won’t JUST be patterns and instructions. Every pattern will be based off part of the story in the book.

And of course, there will be illustrated techniques

And help from the characters, Jane and Claire, when you need it!

All illustrations by Bri Rudd

While the book is illustrated, the back will feature actual modeled photos of every pattern, so you don’t just have to rely on drawings to see what a finished item will look like! (Actual book photos will be WAY better than this, promise!)

Like, way, way better. Basically live action versions of the characters.

So what do you think? Is this my next knitting book? I’d love to show potential publishers comments, facebook shares, twitter retweets, etc.