New Pattern: December Cowl

Ever need to step way, way back from a design? That happened to me last year. I worked on a series of cowls and this was the last one in the batch. While I was beyond happy with the design, I wasn’t happy with the way the pattern read. After 2 tech edits and 2 test knits, I finally just had to set it aside for a few months and let it breathe.

Sure enough, I picked it up again last week with fresh eyes and fixed what was bugging me. If you’ve never designed a pattern before, sometimes it can be really frustrating to put a design on paper in a way that is really workable for other people. I know what I meant, I know how the finished design should look, but making sure I translate that to other knitters is beyond important for me. I want to see my designs made by other knitters, which means making my pattern easy to read and understand!

Now, months later, this pattern is finally live and I’m happily knitting one for myself!

Gorgeous photography thanks to Marc Lebryk and lovely modeling by Carly Purvis, aka roller girl Itsy Gitsy.

Check out the pattern on ravelry here!