New Pattern, same imposter syndrome

woman in orange yoked sweater
Photo by David Van Deman

I have a pattern in Knitty! KNITTY! You know, the online magazine/blog that was THE resource in the early days of the knitting revival? My toes are curling just thinking about it.

To recap, for those of you that are new here. I’ve done some pretty cool things, knitting wise. Several books , a few other books as a contributor, patterns online, patterns in print, a few appearances on the long gone DIY network… it’s been a fun time! I’m not KNOWN per se, but I’m not UNKNOWN either.

Still, imposter syndrome is a thing, and let me tell you, it’s a BIG thing when this pattern was selected for Knitty. It doesn’t help of course that my brain is going BLERGHALFLARP (side note, I retyped this a few times to get exactly what I wanted phonetically) lately. I’m in the midst of UK edits for the Iceland books, working on something super huge big with Strange Brew, as well as all the mundane stuff with Strange Brew. Keeping a 4 year old alive, entertained and thriving during a mothereffing pandemic, as well as working on a few outlines for new projects. Hence, BLERGHALFLARP.

But, I’m very proud of this design. The yarn is an absolute dream, and I feel like there’s a lot of versatility with the pattern. I won’t lie, the colorwork gets a bit shirty sometimes. However if you want to make it easier, you can always remove the blue from the bee’s wings and the flowers! I’ve made this sweater twice now, and I’m getting ready to make another, though this time I’m going with a heavier weight yarn, just because I need to bust it out of my stash!

I really hope you enjoy this pattern, and it feels so good to finally be getting back to doing what I love!

Woman in orange yoked sweater
Please excuse the super messy office. I mentioned edits right?