New York, New York!

I have always wanted to travel, but it hasn’t been a high priority in my life until the past few years. I’ve been more and more determined to say “yes” to out of state and out of country events than I ever was before! 

This year, my friend Elyse, who lives in New York, was throwing her wedding reception/one year anniversary party in Brooklyn. As soon as I got the invite, I said, “we’re going!”! Booked a flight to NYC, and went with the intention of doing ALL THE THINGS!

Well, all the things didn’t exactly happen. I don’t know if you know this, but sometimes weddings have an open bar. And sometimes after the wedding closes down the wedding party goes to another bar. And when that bar closes you go to another. And when THAT bar closes you go to another one. Then sometimes, you realize the sun will rise soon and it’s time to go back to the hotel room.

We kept going and going….

That kind of night can really kill all your sightseeing plans the next day.

Waiting for dill to rise. It didn’t happen until I wandered down the road and returned with coffee.
His hangover face looks different than my hangover face.
We did make it over the bridge for some whiskey drinks with everyone the next day.

Which means I need to make another trip to New York. I still need to meet Paul Auster! I still need to see the Empire State Building! And Central Park! And a yarn shop!

And maybe, just maybe, I need to see a little less whiskey the next time around.

Highlights: The British.

Elyse used to live in England. All her friends came in for the party, and they were all wonderful.

Talking to someone who happens to live in Indy. We decided we should hang out as couples. Decide to introduce them to Dill. Say, “Oh! You should meet my husband! Where is he? Oh. That’s him over there. With his tie on his head.” (He says it was the fault of the British)

Ok, maybe I put a tie on my head too.
I have no idea

Brooklyn! It was such a fun neighborhood. Dill was in slightly worse shape than I was Saturday, so I left him in the room for a bit and wandered around. (And bought pretty jewelry)

Loved these. The ear cuff is a pain to put in unfortunately, but I really adore the bracelet.

Not only did we find a bookstore, there was a sidewalk book seller! And there was a paul auster book! 
And of course I bought a book. Neil once gave me a book for All Hallows’ Read by this same author and it scared the crap out of me. This one was disturbing in a different way. 
Stole some time and worked on my scarf! 

If I weren’t such a wannabe country girl (and poor. Let’s not forget poor) I would love to live in a neighborhood like that. There was always something to do (until 5am. Then everyone wants you to go home) stuff to see, food to eat and drinks to drink.

Although… I should remember that I’m old. And while 22 year old me could survive on about an hour of sleep per night (or a powernap under my desk during the day) 22 year old me really likes pajama bottoms and a good book by 8pm.

Regardless, Operation : Get the heck out of Indiana more is going very well these past few years. Cancun, San Francisco, LA, Pitsburgh, Canada and now New York! Later this year, back to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a book signing and some hangout time with friends! If I can just get some signings booked in Scotland and Ireland my “I wanna go there” list will almost be complete!