North Carolina here I *don’t* come!

Well boo effing hiss.

After the awesome shoulder incident the other night, I’ve been kind of babying my left side. Unfortunately, with my job, it’s not an easy thing to do. Believe it or not, working an espresso bar is an amazing strain on the arms and shoulders. After a couple practices, it was pretty clear that my shoulder was going to be an issue this weekend. That shoulder has become much weaker than my right shoulder. When you have a severe AC separation, like I got in season 1, and don’t do the corrective surgery, the tendons and muscles don’t snap back the way they should to hold everything in place. Which makes it easier for it to come out again, and again, and again.
So my goal over the next couple of weeks is lots of shoulder PT, to try and build the surrounding muscles up as much as possible, making it harder for it to come out of socket again. Until then, I can’t take severe impact on my shoulder for another week or so, because it’s so weak right now, it’s just going to come out again. Hence, if I go to North Carolina, I’m going to hurt it even worse, and run the risk of not being able to play in March.
Obviously, I’m going to choose playing on the home court in March.
This is pretty upsetting to me though. I’ve skating for this team since the beginning, and I have never, ever missed a game. I’ve skated with jacked knees, shoulder… and I’ve always toughed it out. If this were a home game, I would probably risk it. I just don’t want to go all that distance, have my shoulder go out within a couple of jams, and be stuck hours away from home.

The bad part of all of this is we are down so many of our top skaters for this bout. We booked it as a learning experience, since NC is ranked so much higher than we are, but with our roster depleted to 7 Sirens at the moment that can go… it’s looking kind of grim! The other unfortunate thing is that NC is not letting us sub alternates within 2 weeks of the bout. We’re pleading our case with them at the moment, because 7 skaters.. if someone gets hurt, game over!

Edit: As expected, we just got the word from NC, they are going to be cool, and let us bring additional skaters!

Anyway, I’m missing my first bout ever, and I’m extremely sad about it.