Northstar here I come!

Whoohoo! Just found out that I made the roster for the Northstar Bout in Minnesota! I’ve been DYING for a rematch with these girls. They were our third game of our first season, and they beat us. The frustrating thing was we SHOULD have won that game. They just flat out outsmarted/outplayed our asses. But we learned. Oh lord did we learn from that game! Sending jammers in as blockers to intentionally foul… brilliant! Why the eff didn’t we ever think of that! Slowing the pack down to split it, and get your girl through the last couple of blockers? Holy crap! It was like a whole new world of how to play derby came to us after that night. Well… after a couple nights. After we washed the bitter out of our mouths and realized how smart these girls had played, compared to our strategy back then of, “jammers… get through the pack. Blockers… stop the other jammer” Though that game did introduce me to my first jammer on jammer action. Tin Lizzie was jamming for Northstar… and bitch was FAST!!! I heard her coming up behind me, then saw her coming up beside me, then she came in to hit me and boom! I laid her out and took off! The bummer being that during that time, the jam ended when the period clock ended. So with only 30 seconds left, I got to do a whole lotta nothing! But it totally put the fire in my butt for messing with jammers when I jam. I love nothing more! Bwahaha!
The other frustrating part of that game was a killer hit from a skater named Pogue Mahone while I was jamming for Naptown. She hit me to the outside, and I heard this sickening crunching sound in my shoulder. I kept going, finished my jam, and sat on the bench. Luckily, our coach didn’t send me in for the final 2 jams of that period, because being an idiot, I might have gone. As it was, I sat there and went… Ow. My shoulder really, really hurts, and it’s at a funny position, and I can’t move it. Oh. Shit.
We skated back to the locker room, and I stood there for about 2 seconds, and tried to move my shoulder again. Owowow. Burst into tears, and asked for the doctor.
He shows up, and spends about 15 minutes deciding that it’s not broken, but it is instead, and AC separation. Possible fracture. I then start trying to convince him to tape my arm down so I can go back out. His response?
Um. No way.

Instead it’s painkillers and sling for the next couple weeks. Flash forward 2 years later, and my shoulder still isn’t right. It was an AC separation, with a teeny, tiny fracture. I never got it looked at beyond the x-ray, so some days, it’s just tons of fun.

Which is why I really want to play Northstar, and win this time. And give miss Pogue a hug and a beer and tell her no hard feelings. (then punch her in the shoulder… KIDDING)!!!