Not speaking your good fortune.

About 10 years ago, I read a book called Princess, by Jean Sasson. I remember one particular passage, about how the main character in the book, spoke her happiness, and then her life went to crap. Her husband blamed her for it, since in their faith, you aren’t supposed to brag, or say out loud what makes you happy, since evil spirits will overhear and take the object of joy away from you.

On that note, remember a couple posts back how I was rejoicing that my body was as healed as a derby body could be? Then I threw my back out. Which sucks. But it’s getting better. The main thing is that my knee has been pain free. Yay knee! It hurt for a year, then it got better! I was no longer in constant pain while walking, could bend it enough to go up stairs.. yippieee!

Uh huh. Should have kept my big mouth shut. Last night I woke up around midnight and had to pee. Now, in our house we have two bathrooms. One in the bedroom, which I hate using as it is FREEZING cold at night.
The other one is down the hall. We have been remodeling it for about three years. As we get money, we do something too it. We just replaced the big ugly giant vanity sink with a small sink. We threw the sink away, and for some reason I can’t comprehend, put the the drawers in the band practice room.
Anyway, Dan had Her0 practice last weekend, so he put the drawers in the hallway, outside the bathroom door. I stumble down the hallway, go to the bathroom, and as I leave the bathroom, BAM! Knee, meet the corner of one of those drawers! Ow. Ow. Ow.

Limp back to bed. Fall back asleep. Wake up at 3am and have to go to the bathroom again. (Did I mention I’m drinking about a gallon of water a day right now)? Go down the hall again, and as I leave the bathroom, attempt to avoid the drawer again.
Of course, being me, I manage to slam my bad knee into it AGAIN. This time, cutting my knee and drawing blood. Argh.
Go back to the bedroom, nap for another 20 minutes and get up for work.

Now my knee hurts.
Boo hiss.

In good news, a customer brought me some home made caramels. I look forward to this little tin every Christmas. Eat one, drink coffee at the same time.. yumz.