Oh and speaking of derby practice…

I’m back to jamming, but I’m not giving up my blocking fun. I spent Sunday morning in the number 4 position, holding the opposing jammer all the way around the track. (and getting in a hit or two as well)
But my bum knee is no longer holding me back from doing the jamming that I love so much. I grand slammed every time I went out Sunday, and then Monday night, this happened:

I had to leave practice at 8pm, due to stupid work and us being down to one running vehicle at the moment. We split into teams, and I played blocker the whole night and we were… losing. The score was 7 to 26. I kept pushing and pushing when I had to leave, since we were short so many girls that night. Karen was running our bench, and I told her, “Karen, it’s now 25 past, but put me in ONE MORE TIME”
She was annoyed I had to jet, and went, “fine, go jam and get some damn points on the board”!!! We were all frustrated that we weren’t scoring.
Fine, fine fine. I will put some damn points on the board.
Jumped on the track, second whistle blew, took off, hit the back and… boom. On the ground. Crap.
Up again, take off, hit the back, hesitate, see that Sin and Kit are both looking at me, ready to give me a good derby squish if I try to squeeze by them either way. Slid sideways, watched as Touretta went in to hit their jammer, and Kit and Sin looked right for 2 seconds. Took off, squeezed by them with my left foot in the air since there was only room for one skate on the track. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sin see my right as I slipped by her, and she screamed at the pivot. Pivot moves in to nail me, Touretta sticks her hand out and I grab the whip and skate away.
They’ve still got the opposing jammer, and their team is focused on getting her through. Karen is screaming at me to move my ass, and I do. Hit the pack again quicker than they expected, slide through, and hip check the opposing jammer for good measure.
(that is 5 points for those counting)
Take off again, and again Karen is screaming from the bench for me to haul ass. Hit the back of the pack, pass 3, Sin sizes me up to slaughter me, and the whistle blows.
Heh. 8 points. Mission accomplished.
Tell me to put up points, I will put up the points 😉

Seriously though, it’s a relief that my body is behaving better this year. Last year when I would try to run on my toe stops it felt like someone was knifing me in the knee. A simple knee drop would have me screaming in pain, and every time I skated my knee would swell so badly it looked like there were golf balls under my skin.
I spent all last summer agonizing over whether or not I would be able to come back. Hell, I spent the beginning of the training season wondering if I could come back. Luckily, the past 3 months my knee has decided that I’m not giving up, I will keep punishing it if it doesn’t behave, so it might as well give in and play nice with the rest of my body. My shoulder learned it’s lesson. Pop out of socket, I will pop you back in. (or Jane will do it for me, at our bench, while the unfortunate souls sitting in turn 4 scream and gasp and turn green watching) Hurt, and I will still practice and get hit. Aching during non-practice, snowstorms, and bad weather is acceptable. I will drink some wine and deal.
I try not to think about how many more years my body is going to put up with this. Or how bad this is all going to hurt when I’m older. I’m just going to squeeze in every year of derby that I can, until I’m finally shut down. Maybe next season, maybe 10 years from now. I’m just happy that I’m coming back this season.