Oh the irony

So, the derby injuries thus far:

Jacked up knee, left side.
Broken pinky, left hand.
AC separation (all 4 of them) left side

Now, derby injuries, I can handle those. I’ve always been active, combined with slightly clumsy, so stuff happens. I’m okay with that. I’ve gotten more concussions, sprained ankles, chipped teeth (damn that Girl Scout double dare) dislocated fingers, broken toes, etc, etc than can count.
And I did mention the clumsy part right? The sprained ankles came from tearing down the stairs at home and falling, the chipped teeth from a dare in girl scouts to run in the boys locker room, then run back out, at which point I tripped on one of those butt scooter things we used to play on in gym.
I trip an fall all over my damn house. It’s just a fact. Dan hears a crash, crash, bang, and as long as he hears a pretty quick, “I’m okay” or “I’m alive” then he knows he can take his time getting to me. Silence or “OWWW MOTHER…GAH” means he drops what he’s doing and runs to find me while the dogs start licking my face and barking.
So yesterday, I survived a really tough derby practice. I got to jam again after taking a little shoulder time off, and hit a grand slam every time. When I blocked, I sent people flying. So much so that at one point I had three opposing blockers ganging up on me! But I got through it. One little bruise, a couple bumps, typical derby.
Then back to work, off to Coraline (another long, long post about that later.. it was an adventure) back to work again and finally… home.
Took a long hot bath, with jets and bubbles. Made dinner, and I was just exhausted. Dill was on the couch, and trying to be kind of funny, I went to flop on it with him. Flopped, and *CRACK*… silence… OWWWWWWWWW! NOT OKAY! Turns out, when I flopped on our nice, comfy, poofy without being over poofed couch, I managed to get my elbow in between the back cushions, and hit my elbow on the wood frame.. Hard. Very. Hard.
After a couple minutes of head down and whimpering, we took a look at it. The swelling was immediate. As was some lovely bruising, but hard to see thanks to the tattoo. I went to sleep on it, carefully draping it across Dill so I could sleep. Woke up a few times whining, then finally took a good look at it when I got up for work this morning. Being me, and being awesome, it seems that I have managed to chip the bone in my elbow on the freaking couch. Not by playing what is essentially football on skates with less padding. Oh no. On the freaking couch.
That darlings, is irony in my opinion.