Oops, sorry Carly. (Firefly and Doctor Who Spoilers)

*I originally posted this on ravelry.com, but had a request to post it over here when I was trying to describe it to a friend who is not a knitter. (They DO exist!!!)

I have a very sweet employee named Carly. She wasn’t much of a nerd until she started working for me, but things have changed. Last year, I got her to watch Firefly. At one point she came into work and gushed about how Walsh was her favorite character ever.
When she got ready to watch Serenity I went ahead and gave her the next day off of work.

Then I got her into Doctor Who. I kept bugging her to watch it, and she finally started. After about a week she was telling me how much she loved Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

When she started Season 2, she said that she liked the new guy okay, but it didn’t matter, because for her it was all about Rose. As long as Rose was around, everything was just peachy keen.

Now she’s almost done with Season 3, the Martha season. She says she’s still not over Rose, but she likes Martha. She in fact, loves this season. (though she had to watch Blink with all the lights on) So she’s cool, she can handle it. The only person so far that she couldn’t stand was the redhead from the weird Christmas special.

Umm… oops.

I need to find a nice, safe, nerdy show for her where all the characters live happily ever after.