Parents, why do you do this?

There are lots of things that parents do that baffle me. The biggest one though, I see at least twice a week at work.
See, baristas, we have this sense about your kids. We can spot the spillers every single time. The kids that are going to spill their hot chocolate, or smoothie and even the smash the muffin into the carpet kids, we can spot those a mile away.

Spillers though, it’s a certain glint in the eye. So when we see a spiller, we give them a to go cup with a lid. And EVERY SINGLE TIME, the parent will take the lid off. Then guess what happens? Spilled hot chocolate/soda/smoothie all over my cool vintage orange couch and onto the carpet.

Why parents? Why do you take the lid off? You have to know that your kid is a spiller right? They must do it at home as well! If I can spot it, with my lack of children, surely you the mother or father can see it as well!

It happened just a few minutes ago. Handed a kid a hot chocolate, Mom took the lid off, Dill says, “Aw crap the Mom just took the lid o…” and “WAHHHHH” kid had spilled the hot chocolate all over the couch and carpet.

I just made them a new one and they took the lid off AGAIN. Seriously.