Peter Capaldi Scarf!

As part of my somewhat obsessive, “it’s Doctor Who therefore I must knit it” kick I’ve been on, I bring you, the 12th Doctor’s Scarf!

When it was first announced that Peter Capaldi would be the new Doctor, I of course hit the google image search hard and heavy. I came across this image and knew that I absolutely had to knit this scarf (and offer up a pattern)!

After lots of zooming I decided it looked like a 1×1 rib and was probably folded over to create that thickness. Since I am the Queen of avoiding seaming, I knew that if I knit this sucker flat and was faced with the prospect of seaming 6 ft of scarf, well, I would never have a scarf. (Minions. I need minions who like to seam. Or elves.)

After a couple months of picking this sucker up and putting it down again, it’s finally complete! Fair warning, this 1×1 rib with colors changing each row… it’s kind of a pain. The “aha” moment for me was when I got smart and put the three different balls of yarn into three plastic sandwich bags. It made it much easier to untangle every few rows. Really wish I had thought of that when I started!

The finished scarf:

Dill has declared that this is “his”. I am conceding, considering how much he puts up with the knitting that goes on in this house. (and the deadlines and the tears and the OMG I HAVE TO FROG THREE FEET OF LACE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! rants)

I may have to steal it back occasionally however. This sucker is WARM and soft. I love it!

Marc Lebryk provided this detail shot for me. It shows the colors with a little more vibrancy than my poor camera phone on a cloudy day pics!

I’ll have the pattern up at some point. I just need to measure and write it up. I’m sure this scarf won’t be as iconic as the classic Doctor Who Scarf but I think a fan or two might recognize it, especially if it appears in an episode this season and not just a promo picture. (Confession, I’m an episode behind right now, so it may have already happened).

Until tomorrow!