Playing Dress Up! (wigs and make up edition)

Apparently, I have never outgrown playing dress up. I prefer pink hair over blond, neon lipstick over beige or nude, and my bright tights will be covering my legs when I’m 80.
This year, I’ve been putting my love of crazy clothes to good use! Our Naptown Roller Girls point girl, the fantastic Red Rocket, needed some help with the double header bouts. Knowing that I had to convert one of my bedrooms into a closet, she figured I was the person to ask!
Rocket has always had a flair for costumes at our bouts:

The girl is gorgeous, and always brings a level of “awesome” to every Naptown bout. So I knew that if I were going to score for the Belles bouts during double headers, I would have to pull out all the stops!

Insane eyelashes and a big wig spruce up just about anything! (Since everyone who saw me that night asked, I’ll just say, the eyelashes were not as uncomfortable as they looked. They were REALLY long though, and cast unflattering shadows on my cheeks. That was annoying)

For the next bout, I wanted to go even further.

Now THESE eyelashes were annoying. I was excited to finally use them. I bought them at Future Shock in Broad Ripple back in the mid 90’s, and never took them out of the box! They’re metallic blue, and itched like crazy. The lips were fun. I took a combo of lip gloss and eyelash glue, coated my lips in it, then dabbed on a couple different colors of glitter! The result? Couldn’t put my lips flat all night! Constant duck face! They looked great though!

I’ll get more pics of the actual outfits later, but right now knitting is calling me. It’s actually shouting at me to be honest. It’s trying to drown out the sound of taxes, bills, coffee shipments, and the treadmill!