Podcast Interview

I just did a podcast interview for Knit Picks yesterday. It was lots of fun, and I’ll be interested to see how it comes out. Kelly was very easy to talk to. It felt more like chatting than an “interview”. (In fact, I’m afraid that we may have talked about Heath Ledger, A Knights Tale, and other non-knitting topics more than the actual book! Oops!)
Anyway, it’ll be neat to hear. I usually HATE hearing my own voice played back, (I know I know, former singer, cd’s.. what?) but I need to get over it. I STILL haven’t watched the episodes of Uncommon Threads that I was on all the way through!

Alright, back to knitting. I’ve been on a Dark Angel kick this week, so I’m working on some really simple black elbow warmers based off some that Max wore in the series. They are on size 2’s though, so I’ve got some knitting ahead of me.
I also need to whip up a corset top for a derby girl calender photo shoot that is creeping up on me. I am going to base it off a ref top in Knock Down, just modify the straps a bit and make a little “boning” using some crochet, I think. We’ll see how it turns out!