Roller Derby, Star Wars Style!

Attended the Naptown Roller Girls annual Star Wars themed bout. So much fun! Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and fans in costume!

Here’s a couple of pics from the night:

Elizabeth Lee singing the Canadian National Anthem, followed by the American National Anthem.

The 501st Legion standing guard as the girls skate out

Dill Her0 now comes in bunny flavor.

Oh Em Gee. GUMMIES! Gummies I can eat! My friend Rennee got them for me! The one thing I miss about being a vegetarian is junk like jello, gummy bears and marshmallows. The bast couple of years have offered some awesome vegetarian alternatives, though they can be hard for me to get my hands on

People were not surprised when they found out that this was my mother. (For those interested, her name is Linda J. Dunn. She’s a nationally ranked fencer as well as a published sci-fi author)

This Dad was so full of win. Hopefully he doesn’t mind my stalker photo, but oh my goodess! He not only dressed his daughter as a little jedi, but she has pink extensions in her hair!

Have you seen these beer cups at events where they pour the beer from the bottom of the cup and use a magnet to keep the beer in? Well the magnet for this night was an awesome storm trooper helmet! 

A ref from Tri City came up and introduced herself and after she skated away I thought, how did she know it was me?

Then I looked at myself. Beer, pink phone, and knitting. Right. I guess I do stand out a bit!

(On a side note, if you ever do see me in public and are one of the readers of this blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you introduce yourself. It lets me know I’m not talking to the great internet void all alone)

Right, I’m going to get back to designing some new patterns, one of which will be a lovely freebie!